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What we do?

We are here to create state-of-the-art smart solutions for you.

Thanks to the latest technical solutions, smart devices can make everyday easier than ever before.



Electrical circuits

Electrical circuits are a critical component in every complex IoT solution.

The hardware determines what kind of data the system can collect from the environment and how it can influence the real world.

It’s also determines how we can power the hardware and how it’s communicate with the rest of the system. A unique circuit will free us from compromises, optimize hardware costs and maximize performance.

Our engineers, after thorough analysis of the task, build the circuit from the basics in the highest possible quality.



Firmware is a specific type of software that provides the low-level control for the specific hardware. It’s also create a bridge between electrical circuit and the rest of the software.

In most cases, the firmware is written in C/C++ with RTOS (Real Time Operating System) for the best performance and runs on a microcontroller. Our favourite microcontroller is the Espessif’s ESP32. It’s cheap, powerful, and suitable for most of the cases.



Nowadays, making a quick hardware prototype is not an impossible task.

The prototype allows us to try and test the desired function completely before we actually develop it. As a result, we can quickly validate the idea and discover potential problems in a timely manner. laboratory


It doesn’t matter how good is the developed circuit, if we can’t make enough of it, it doesn’t matter much. Whether it's one or a thousand devices, we can fully manage the production process. Regardless of your needs, we ensure that the quality will be high as possible.

Deploying and maintenance

The life cycle of a system begins when it’s leaves the lab. The deployment and the begging of a life cycle requires at least as much attention as development. This period is crucial for the system to function without problems in the long run. We will be here for you to make sure everything works perfectly.


IoT platforms

IoT platform is a key component of every huge IoT system that connects all parts together.

IoT platform can:

  • Connect hardware, such as sensors and actuators

  • Handle different protocols

  • Provide security for devices and users

  • Collect data

  • Integrate all of the above with other services


IoT platform needs to be:

  • Secure

  • Fast

  • Reliable


Our unique platforms are optimized for the task, so the above mentioned aspects are always ensured.

Sowtware development



  • NodeJS

  • GraphQL

  • MQTT

  • Redis

  • Influx

  • Drupal

Mobile applications

The average person spends more than three hours a day using their smartphone, so it’s more than obvious that we must take advantage of this fact and connect with them via their channel of choice: a mobile application.

Our applications can perfectly work together with IoT platforms, so it’s provide the best way for using any kind of smart system.

Put you trust in us: we are going to come up with a perfect solution for you – first, with ideas, wireframes, and prototypes, then, in the end, with working apps, so that we deliver exactly what you expect from us.



  • Java/Kotlin

  • Swift/Objective C

  • React Native

Web interfaces

Sometimes you need more than just an mobile application to control your smart system.

Tasks such as data management, administration, billing or graph analysis are still best done on a large display. Web interfaces can accessible from the every point of the world, so you can control your smart system from everywhere.

We build web applications with React JavaScript library to provide unique user experience .


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