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Smart watering solution - Mainstay
Smart watering solution - Mainstay

Smart watering solution


Mainstay is a smart watering system which goal is to make the irrigation easy and comfortable, and of course it is green. It saves water.

Mainstay is a smart watering system whose goal is to make the irrigation easy and comfortable, and of course, it is green. It saves water.

This project was a little different than the others. We had an idea to make an IoT solution, we wanted a Drupal 8 backend and we wanted to make something different. So we step out from our comfort zone started to work.

Every component of the system was developed by our team, including the hardware, firmware, React native mobile app and the background cloud system.

This project is a closed system, there is no public access to it.

If you are interested in the project, please contact us and we can schedule a demo presentation.

Key features:

  • 16 sectors

  • Easy setup

  • WiFi connection

  • Smart valve detection

  • Weather analytics

  • Expandable with wireless sensors

The above features do not need to be taken exactly as they are defined, the system can be modified for almost any need.

What are we could getting out of Mainstay?

The device can accept 16 valves, but what if we only have four valves? Do we need to choose in application where is the valve? This is not user-friendly.

Then came the idea of ​​detecting the location and exact consumption of the valves so that we can check the correct operation during irrigation and immediately set the number of valves in the application.

The watering options that really highlight Mainstay from the rest.
Repeats irrigation every x minute, hour, day, week, day of the week, month for X time.

Pause on only one sector or all sectors, turn off one sector or the all sectors, instant start in difference irrigations times, change or delete existing settings. Additionally, we can fully entrust our plants to the device. Based on weather forecasting and data from sensors the algorithm calculates the ideal irrigation time.

The settings may be limitless, the most important of these being taken out, which people would like to use and incorporated into the firmware and application.

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