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Pierre - Smart Hotel Solution
Pierre - Smart Hotel Solution


The Smart Hotel Solution

PIERRE - controls the room, controls the whole hotel, reduces the utility costs, do the upsell, optimize the hotel staff and gives exceptional experience for guests.

PIERRE - controls the room, controls the whole hotel, reduces the utility costs, do the upsell, optimize the hotel staff and gives exceptional experience for guests.

The first concierge with artificial intelligence who works for your hotel and for your guests.

Secure. Smart. Simple.

  • Sleep happy as a hotel manager: risk minimization
  • Know more about your hotel: data systematization
  • Communicate with your staff effortless: clear instructions

Smart Hotel Goals

Some of the features, what Pierre can do in your hotel:

  • Control everything from a tablet or smartphone
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Lightning
  • >Entrance/Access control
  • Sensors for door/windows
  • Presence sensors
  • Curtains controller
  • Gate control with a ramp
  • Stream media to TV
  • SOS calls
  • Notifications
  • Staff optimization
  • Reduce costs
Pierre - Smart Hotel SolutionPierre - Smart Hotel SolutionPierre - Smart Hotel SolutionPierre - Smart Hotel Solution


Core Values

The project goal was to develop a system (hardware and software too), completely made from scratch for controlling the hotel, to make the hotel smart and to give special experience for guests.

From a hotel management perspective the goals were:

  • Total control over the hotel
  • Reduce utility costs
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase the profit

From a guest perspective the goals were:

  • Improve guest experience
  • Simplify their life (online check-in, check-out, keyless hotel, control the room over a smartphone, book hotel services)

From a hotel owner perspective the goals were:

  • All-in-one system, no need to combine different smart systems
  • Cost effective, needed to be cheaper than other systems
  • Easy to use, easy to extend


Heating/cooling can be easily controlled by a tablet or smartphone, so guests could adjust the desired temperature at any time.

If there is nobody at the room, the system will adjust the heating to the midpoint to save energy.

Also, PIERRE knows the check-in and check-out time. So you do not need to worry, PIERRE will heat the room till the guest arrive, and also turn of the heating after check-out.


Pierre knows how to save energy and improve the guest experience.

If it’s a dark outside the lightning will be ON when you open the door. When you leave the room - after a couple of minutes (the time frame is adjustable by a hotel manager) the lights will go off.

Master control admin can see where the lightning is on/off, can control lights in the hallways and offices.

Fancy feature, that you could simply use “moods”. For example, just tap “reading” mood and the lights will be automatically adjusted for reading.

Entrance/Access control

Every person has its access level and features.

For example, the managing director of a building can have access to every room, and hotel guests can have only access to their room. But this is just a beginning. You can customize everything. If you have a wellness hotel, your guests can access the sauna world or access the game room.

If we are looking from a staff perspective, for example, the maid cannot access the room what is occupied. So the guests won’t be disturbed.

Pierre can limit access by roles, hours, date, etc.

Sensors for door/windows

The system can “sense” open door or windows. It can automatically notify the janitor about it.

If a window is opened in the summertime (combined with a temperature sensor), a controller will automatically disable the air conditioner. If it’s winter, the heating will be disabled and the janitor will be notified.

Presence sensors

Presence sensor is crucial for lightning and heating control. If a person is in the room, the heating or cooling will be enabled. When a person leaves the room system will adjust parameters to mid-range normal state based on master settings for the current season.

Curtains controller

Great for conference, presentations or cinema rooms. You can control curtains position and lights.

Gate control with a ramp

By using master control, a security officer of a facility can open - close the ramp. If the system is combined with a camera it can be integrated with a system for license plate recognition, also for access control.

If during the reservation the guest leaves his license plate number, PIERRE could recognize it and automatically open the ramp or door for him.

SOS Call

Every room has a tablet for basic room controlling. One of the features is the SOS panic button. If a person holds a button for five seconds, master admin can be notified or the emergency number can be called automatically.


By integrating Pierre we reduced utility costs (still measuring and comparing to a regular building).

Master control showed as a handy tool for a building manager and makes his life easier. A mobile app allows him to control the entire facility at any time, anywhere.

Pierre is also in charge of risk minimization and security. Building manager gets all the important notifications and alarms.

Staff manager started to use the system as a communication tool (task manager), to reduce information noise and keeps everyone on track and follow their efficiency.

Pierre is isolated from the outside world and the system is operating smoothly. Any upgrades can be done through firmware updates because hardware and software are expandable and ready for any kind of customization.

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