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Revolutionize Your World with State-of-the-Art Smart Solutions from Our Expert Engineers.

Coding (1)
Complex software solutions for intelligent systems. Including firmware, mobile applications and full stack web.
Cloud computing (1)
Cloud-based embedded systems.
We are designing and developing hardware components and electrical circuits.



We are here to create and revolutionize state-of-the-art smart solutions for you.
Thanks to the latest technical solutions and engineers, smart devices can make everyday easier than ever before.

IoT control board

Solution for managing building automation systems. Featuring an ESP32 chip, this board offers programmable inputs and outputs for versatile control. 

  • 16 inputs
  • 16 outputs 
  • 8 digital channels

This control board enables seamless integration of IoT technology into building automation, allowing for flexible and efficient management of automated processes.

IoT control board

Solid State Relay board

The Relay Board for Building Automation offers exceptional reliability and protection with ultra-low leakage current and built-in safeguards against overcurrent, overvoltage, and reverse polarity

  • 8-channel
  • 4-channel

This board ensures safe and efficient control of electrical devices. 

Reley board

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